Thursday, March 4, 2010


Congratulations! You can free mount and ride around on level surfaces wherever you want. Now the fun can really start! One of the skills you'll want to learn next is hopping. Hopping is fun in and of itself but it is also the basis for other skills like hopping onto and off of curbs, hopping up stairs, hopping over rocks and logs on a Muni trail, and learning to do street tricks like spins. Just like any big task, hopping is best broken down into many smaller parts. The first thing to learn is how to stall, which Megan Rouch explains in this clip:

Next you learn to hop once after stalling:

Then, small bunny hops...

Practicing bunny hopping in a circle is fun...

Once you can stop, hop, and roll back out, you can practice directional hopping - like over lines or cracks on the pavement.

Now that you can predictably hop on a flat surface you can practice jumping over small obstacles.

Megan shows how to hop from stalling:

Hopping down stairs!

Hopping up stairs!

Kevin Foster shows some of the same skills in his hopping tutorial:

Kevin Foster gives his advice for hopping up and down stairs:

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  1. I think you should add this one to the list for rolling hops: