Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free mounting

Now that you can pedal forward and ride around the block you don't want to be limited by always starting out next to your favorite post or wall. You need to learn to free mount, which means to step onto the unicycle without help from anyone or anything else. There are many variations on how to do this. One way is to watch the tutorials by Megan Rouch on this website (the girl in the blue shirt). She uses her hand to steady the wheel as she gets up on the uni. A more common way to mount the unicycle is explained in this great step-by-step tutorial:

Kevin Foster shows how he free mounts in this tutorial. It is similar to the previous tutorial but you'll notice that he lets the wheel roll back slightly when he gets on. This variation is called the roll-back mount:

A technique that I found helpful as I learned to "free mount" was backing my uni against a curb so that when I stepped on the pedal the uni didn't rocket backwards. Here's a demonstration of that technique.

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  1. I learned to ride over this past summer and did my first freemount on Thanksgiving!