Friday, March 5, 2010

Drops and rolling hops

Once you can stop and hop, you'll quickly see the value of being able to ride off obstacles without stopping. That skill is called "dropping" and can be a simple as riding off a curb or as exciting as riding off a 3 foot (or more) drop. The flip side of the same coin is learning to hop up or hop over something without coming to a stop. That's called a rolling hop.

This first tutorial shows how to ride off something the size of a curb.

Here Megan Rouch shows how to land a bigger drop:

Terry Peterson, aka the Unigeezer, is a 54 year old mountain unicyclist. In this tutorial he demonstrates 4 types of drops:

More tips on landing drops and gaps from the Unigeezer:

A Unigeezer signature tutorial on how to rolling-hop down a flight of stairs:

Here's a great rolling hop tutorial from an unnamed street unicyclist. The clip starts out with a 6 foot long hop but a step-by-step tutorial for us mere-mortals starts at 1:29.

When you think you've got the rolling hop down try hopping UP a flight of stairs like this guy!

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